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es un placer conocerte

(food residencies / socialization events)
2019, 2020, . . .

We are so aware that most of time harmonious coexistence is more an utopia than a reality. Not only governmental policies between nations are rough and exclusionary, on a personal level, we also act in that way with those we fear or believe different.

some people say that truly democratic actions can't be done...


There is something that always unites us, a vital action, which at the same time is simple and profoundly complex;

cooking, sit at the table, eat and share.

I believe that share a meal is a great example of genuine democratic action.

As a migrant-artist, I have the responsibility to activate the way we can contribute with other cultures, how to enrich the community that houses us, to impulse a virtuous circle between all of us. The intention is triggering an inclusive dynamic within the community that inhabits an urban area.

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