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Nothing Ever Transcends Its Immediate Environment

Mixed media  (400 selfies catalogue, compiled by an open call, light box, text, sound and fume)

150 x 3,500 x 25 cm  (59 x 1377.9 x 9.8 in) 

sound piece, 5 min. (in loop) 


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Nothing Ever Transcends Its Immediate Environment

for Luminescence 

a MAUDI initiative

The narration gives scent to time. 

The “point-time”, however, is a time without fragrance. 

Time begins to have a scent when it acquires a duration, when it takes on a narrative tension or a deep tension, 

when it gains in depth and breadth, in space.

Byung–Chul Han

Photography is a tool that endures over time. It is used to preserve family, historical - political moments and  memories. As a form of dissidence or a documentation instrument and as a trend within social networks. Likewise, selfies are mirrors that possibly lie. Who press the button and the person in the photo can be two completely different subjects. All photos come from reality, but not all photos are non-fictions. Photographed moments are not lived, are seen. No instants are captured, but moods in a series of instants.

Nothing Ever Transcends Its Immediate Environment tries to allude to the exploration and thought of the surrounding reality, in particular of the current time. The work poses a joyous friction between real events, actions we develop at every moment of our life and personal narratives as a montage that we construct to be exposed at intermediality.

Apparently, many times we prefer to use our time to simulate an ideal scenario in order to convince others (and ourselves)

that the way we exploit our time and life shows that our whole system works (the economic and the cultural). So, what do we display on a daily basis?

Are we more inclined towards the construction of fictions or is it just the simple pleasure to enjoy moments and the formation of an aesthetic about it?

The work was constituted as an apparent narrative line composed of a 400 selfies archive, a sentence and the use of the architectural space as an enveloping framework that allowed to establish a short route aimed to reflect about the direct experience, which although in each human being it is subjective, this same experience is effective for all human beings. For everyone, here means where I am and now means when I am. Therefore, the common experience is that the present is inextricably linked to oneself.

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