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Independent exhibition 
management and art direction 
raffle of the whole exhibition (works, register, certificates and exhibition catalogue)
100 tickets.  ticket price: $100 pesos (5 usd)

LOS ORTODOXOS gathers three artists whose production does not focus on painting as an act of resistance or as a romantic act of seeking permanence or transcendence of the medium itself. Painting is understood as a way, not the only one. It does not refer to its own orthodoxy but to an external one that aims to dilute just that other one.

By self-labeling themselves as orthodox, they opt for an irony and an exercise in humor, of which everyone participates from their own production and which is framed in the idea of meeting of three works in an apartment and under the premise that there will be zero tricks. The game is also detonated by the proposal to make the work accessible through a raffle and thereby subvert the operation of art market and its legitimized spaces.

Three of a perfect pair, with contradictory views and cyclothymic humours in a canvas of despair: the current scenario in which not only painting is debated and suffers in its persistence, also our dreams and the dream of art: what a perfect disaster.

Andrea Ferreyra.

August, 2016

LO: Galería
LO: Galería
LO: Imagen

1911 de Luz Saviñon

de Othoniel Muñiz

oil / canvas

60 x 55 cm

LO: Texto
LO: Imagen


de Job Sánchez

mixed media

40 x 40 cm

LO: Texto
LO: Texto
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