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learning / knowledge exchange / community integration / non-aggressive fieldwork / celebration and contemporary art.

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current project

EL RANCHO is a local development project in a Totonaca community, Northwest of the state of Veracruz, in Mexico. 

The objective is to lay the foundations for an initiative that associates artistic practice and a sustainable way of life in a community located in a territory whose biome is that of the Rain Forest.


the community:

Calalco (Veracruz de Ignacio de la Llave)

GPS coordinates:

longitude: -97.628333

latitude: 20.211389

/ WHY in this locality?

Because my roots & family belong to the community. 

We count with a comfortable house & 5 hectares in this territory for the autonomous progress of the initiative.

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A way to deal with the complex circumstances that our community faces (like almost all original communities throughout the whole country) such as deep inequality, lack of access to education and reliable information, insufficient basic services, high contamination of our rivers, streams and natural environment, in addition to the continuous "external" bombardment of popular mass culture, which acts as an inhibitor of traditional practices & and internally, against the naive and paternalistic folklorization historically encouraged by state institutions. 

The Circulation of Knowledge.
Education enhances everything.

The objective of this proposal is to create a cultural and artistic platform for the exchange of knowledge, socialization and encouragement for the community to strengthen empathy, critical practices and cooperation as behaviors in the face of a reality that remains unequal precisely because it does not promote alternatives to socioeconomic models of predation. Our intention is that a space for artistic residencies and exchange will gradually be adapted for creators, land workers, researchers and members of other communities interested in expanding their disciplines, applying their skills for the benefit of all and sharing the beauty, proposals and fraternity that our community can offer, in addition to promoting a cultural offer that shows a Mexico different from the dynamics and centralization of the capital city.

For the INITIAL PHASE, 1 actions is being implemented. A practical exercise of culture and tradition as a gesture of resistance, but above all as an act of consistency.



To start this initiative, we dispose of 60m for cultivation through the MILPA technique and with 3 native mexican MAÍZe species. Being a very short extension of land, it can be understood merely as a symbolic gesture, and it certainly is, but it also acts as a didactic exercise; for our community (which uses only one type of corn) and for the general public through a digital database that will contain the entire investigative aesthetics development.

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We start a program whose objective is to ensure the conservation and availability of the agro-diversity of the native MAIZE. With 3 types of Corn/MAIZE; "Kulli, Harinoso de Ocho and Elotes Cónico". But much will depend on joint research and advice from students, researchers or professionals in the field.
It is proposed to have an approach and continuous dialogue with expert land workers in managing the "Milpa", agronomists, engineers, biologists, enthusiasts, doctors in ecology and Sustainable Development and Maize Defenders.

Corn is the unequivocal reference to understand the forms of social organization, the ways of thinking, knowing and living of the broadest social strata in Mexico. Corn is undoubtedly the basis of Mexican popular culture. Mexico is a deeply diverse (and unequal) country, but from our experience, we can affirm that the only thing that unites us all, whatever our origin, is what gives us a genuine identity to all as Mexicans; MAÍZ.

Mexican maize has suffered an accelerated process of genetic erosion since at least the first half of the 20th century. The phenomenon not only puts native seeds at risk, but also their ability to adapt to climate change in rural areas. That is why we consider it a responsibility to join the DEFENSE OF CORN and the resistance against transgenic corn in Mexico; celebrate the comprehensive defense of the culture of corn and the autonomy of indigenous peoples who can make independent food production possible based on community agriculture and sustainable and clean field work.

To start this initiative, it is proposed to have 60m for cultivation through the use of the Milpa and with 3 native species. Being a very short extension of land, it can be understood merely as a symbolic gesture, and it certainly is, but it also acts as a didactic exercise; for our community of Calalco (which only makes use of one type of Creole Corn), for contemporaries outside the Corn process and for the agents that make up the art world and the general public.

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soundscape produced with field recordings made in Calalco during the last year. To exemplify what could be broadcast live, and also accommodate proposals from various sound artists, community radio, or musicians.

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sr.  Ignacio “viejo” Cruz

un amigo de toda la Comunidad

y un gran apoyo para el proyecto

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